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Salon Services

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MHD Beauty Parlor

Apart from providing on-location hair and makeup services, I also offer an array of salon services.

I take great pleasure in assisting my clients in achieving their goals by offering a variety of services aimed at enhancing their appearance and refining their complexion. These services are ideal for prepping your skin before a special event, guaranteeing that you look your absolute best!

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Wet Flower

Dermaplane Facial

60 mins: A minimally invasive cosmetic procedure that involves the gentle removal of the top layer of skin using a surgical blade. This procedure can help to eliminate dead skin cells, unwanted facial hair and exfoliate the skin. This causes the skin to literally rejuvenate itself, revealing newer, undamaged skin. Over time, with multiple sessions, dermaplaning can help to reduce the appearance of scars and fine lines and can also minimize pores, leaving the client with clean, smooth, glowing skin.  - $110

Brow Wax & Tint

This service removes excess brow hair through waxing PLUS tints the brow hair and skin underneath to create a filled brow look. Tint lasts approximately 2 weeks. $35 (Available as separate services.)

Makeup Lessons

- 60-75 minutes of detailed, hands-on, one-on-one instruction

-  Personalized skincare recommendations

- Exploring options for everyday foundation

- Creating a polished complexion

- Concealing blemishes/dark circles

- Brow shaping

- Creating a healthy glow through cheek color

- Manageable everyday eye makeup routine

- Enhancing the lips with different colors & textures

- $75 in product from MHD Cosmetics

MHD Beauty Parlor

MHD Beauty is focused on elevating the artistry & professionalism of our collective beauty community in Nashville. Through our in-house educational programs and collaborative environment, our team members are continually honing their craft and working to enhance our guest experience, so that all who come to us feel welcomed & supported.

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