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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay a deposit? Yes, this is the only way to reserve your booking and to secure your date.

Do you have a studio? No, I am a freelance artist and I perform all of my services on site at the location of the client's choosing. This includes the Bridal Trial. 

Do you have assistants? I have a network of fellow stylists and makeup artists that I can call on if I need help with a larger bridal party. A lot of times, for groups of five or more needing both hair AND makeup services, I will suggest that the client hire a separate hairstylist and hire me to do the makeup only. I also have a list of hairstylists that I can refer the client to. This helps to save time and alleviate stress. 

Can I just book a Bridal Trial and wait to book my wedding afterwards? The short answer is yes, but please understand that the only way to secure your wedding date is by paying a deposit and signing a contract. I do not put dates "on hold". It is a first-come, first-served basis, so there is always a risk that if you wait to book, your wedding date will most likely not be available later. 

What is the difference between airbrush foundation and regular? I get asked this a lot! Mostly, the difference is going to be in the formula and application process. Airbrush foundation is a very light-weight makeup that is applied through a machine or air gun that produces a very fine mist which causes the makeup to be applied in thin layers. The foundation is able to literally melt onto the skin and the result is even, flawless coverage. Airbrush foundation is waterproof and smudge proof, and is guaranteed to last a full 16 hours. This foundation is also the best for oily skin types because of it's mattifying effects and velvety, powder finish.

Regular foundation is incredibly versatile. I offer liquid and cream versions, and with the combination of the right products and steps, I can create almost any finish, match any skin tone, and achieve any level of coverage. I can also guarantee this makeup to last all day with the help of the right products.

What happens if I need to cancel my event? If you need to cancel your event, please do so as early as possible. Once your event is secured with your non-refundable deposit, I will not book anything else for that date. If you cancel within three weeks of your event, it will most likely be too late for me to book anything on that date. Therefore, you will still owe the remaining balance of the total, regardless. If this happens, I will gladly rework the booking as an open ended credit. Should you ever need your hair or makeup done again, that money will apply toward your next balance.

How long does it take you to perform each service? Each service varies based on the specific look a client wants, but typically, you can expect it to take about 45 mins for a full face of makeup, 30 mins for hair, and 20 mins for eye makeup only. Bridal makeup is usually more extensive and detailed, so expect it to take a little longer than my other services.

Can I add someone else onto my booking at the last minute? Sure! I do not mind accommodating last minute add on's as long as the schedule allows it! 

Are lashes included in my Full Face Makeup Application? Yes! Lashes are always included in the price of all of my makeup applications (except Flower Girl Makeup). 

What is the best way to tip you? When I send you the invoice to pay your deposit, it will give you the option to leave a tip then. If you wish to wait until the day of your event, you can always use cash, Venmo, PayPal, or Square Cash. 

Will you stay late for touch ups? Sure! I can stay on site for two hours of touch ups or look changes for an additional charge of $100.

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